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I just wanted to take a second to rant about how much I believe in you.
All of you. I've learned a lot about myself in the last few years and one thing that I've come to realize is that no matter how far down in the dirt you are in life.. You can always find your way back to the surface.
For the last few years, I've lived as a glorified homeless person..
Surviving on a few bucks a day, sleeping in random cities in unknown parking lots for a few hours a night..But it's been the best few years of my entire life. I wouldn't trade the lessons I've learned or the memories of places I've spent 24 hours in for any amount of money in the world.
I mean that.
I had this idea of giving up college when I was 19 years old to move to LA.
Why? For the simple fact that I knew outside the 4 walls I grew up in, I could do something more..something, worth my time on earth. And LA just seemed to be the coolest place to do that.
So I did it. (Dropped out of college; but I didn't move to LA.)
In the process, I stumbled upon what would eventually be my future in the industry I had always loved. The music industry.
It's as though something about me overstepping every boundary and obstacle I were facing at home, and using my free will to be who I wanted to be, threw everything I had dreamed of and prayed for into motion.
All it took was a few disappointed family members, a few arguments with each and I was on my way..
So I think what I'm trying to say is...
If you want something. You go for it.
You do whatever it is you have to do to accomplish it.
People will tell you things like:
"Why do you want to do that?"
"Do you know how many people are trying to do that?"
"Do you know how many people succeed at doing that?"
Fuck THAT.
You've got the same odds as everyone else in life does..
The second you realize it, that's the second you're on your way to becoming it. I believe in you. Even if no one else does..
And in reality, you really only need one person to believe..
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this is my favourite thing of all time

thatta boy

this never gets old.

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